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This web site Worker's Compensation Insurance Injured Workers Cork Board (Forum) is not part of affiliated with sponsored or supported in anyway by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board previously known as workman's compensation of Ontario Canada WSIB Worker's Compensation Board WCB. Follow the link below to ask a question about Worker's Compensation Board. Click on the link to tell the problems you have encountered.

IT Advocacy Group issues Ontario Business advisory with caution advisory when dealing with WSIB Worker Compensation.

WSIB has used deceptive dishonest information to obtain a writ.

Extreme over invoicing for WSIB insurance, withdrawing WSIB coverage when Exorbitant invoicing wasn’t paid knowing client not able to work without the WSIB insurance.

The WSIB corrupt unscrupulous business behavior with this senior leaving him in failing health brought on by the WSIB actions, homeless and unable to pay health insurance. The WSIB behavior is a measure of the Government organization (WSIB) disrespect of the public trust and rule of law.

The liberal Ontario Government and Premier Dalton McGuinty has not taken any steps to correct the perversion corrupt deeds of the WSIB

The McGuinty government has reneged on a number of important campaign promises and failed to correct injustice to many people.

Given the reneged promises and failed correction to injustice we are renewing our caution Advisory to businesses dealing with the WSIB and our watch Advisory for people doing business in the province of Ontario.

Misuse Of Authority
WCB Ontario Worker's Compensation insurance has no accountability or authority to justify unwarranted actions such as garnishee of bank accounts.

Why hasn't the Provincial Government reacted to either the abuses outlined below or this web site, do our Provincial politicians support the actions of the WSIB? Why were the Ad agencies and web site design companies requested to look over this web site? Why was the office of the Provincial auditor looking at this web site? Why has the Ontario Worker Compensation been allowed to abuse the below noted authority unencumbered?

Letters Of Appeal Ignored
letters of appeal to the Ontario WSIB unanswered and disregarded. The letters of appeal were acted on Six months after they were received and the bill lowered from 17% to 1.4%. The writ was removed by the WSIB after the business and personal finances of the owner were destroyed. The business owner was evicted from his home and lost all his possessions.

Belligerent Unprofessional Phone personas
Customer Service Representatives of the Ontario Worker's Compensation has overly aggressive, Belligerent and unprofessional telephone personas.

Inexperienced Abusive WSIB Collection Department Employees
Collection department personal taunting and unresponsive  to reason.

WSIB Over Billing
WSIB Worker's Compensation insurance of Ontario billing seventeen percent for a new business office support staff.

WSIB Billing with Malice Intent

Excessive over billing knowing it was doing finical damage to business owner.

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